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What is a Bonus Accelerator Policy?

A Bonus Accelerator Policy lets you build up a year's No Claims Bonus in just 10 months provided you don't make a claim in that time, meaning you can build up your No Claims Bonus quicker. For more details see our Bonus Accelerator page.

What is Motor Legal Protection?

If you're injured in an accident that's not your fault, Motor Legal Protection will pay any reasonable legal costs up to £100,000 to claim compensation from the person responsible. We can also help you claim back medical expenses, the excess paid and any other costs incurred. To claim, there must be a reasonable chance of success. This is an optional add on.

What is my No Claims Bonus?

Every year you drive without making a claim or having a claim upheld against you, earns you an additional year of NCB, which can lead to discounts off your renewal premium. Your No Claims Bonus builds up to a maximum of 15 years

What is my excess?

This is the amount that you contribute in the event of a claim. The voluntary excess that you choose makes up part of your excess and will be added to any compulsory excess that we might apply. You can reduce your premium by accepting a higher voluntary excess.

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