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Winter Sports Travel Insurance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of whooshing down powdery snow slopes and enjoying a break from the UK winter is there?

But even if you spend more time sitting in the snow than upright on your skis, there’s no denying that a winter sports holiday is a lot of fun. There’s even something quite refreshing about being bundled up against the cold, and just enjoying the clean mountain air.

Cover for both on and off the slopes

But of course, it’s important to make sure you have insurance before you travel just to make sure that if anything does go wrong, you don’t have to worry about how to get help – or how to pay for the costs.

There’s nothing like the comfort of using your own boots and skis but with such expensive equipment, there’s always the worry that it could get lost, damaged or stolen, no matter how careful you are.

That’s why Bell Travel Insurance offers Winter Sports Cover which includes up to a maximum of £1,000 for your own ski equipment should it get lost, damaged or stolen (depending on level of protection purchased). And the policy will even cover you for the cost of hiring replacement kit, up to £50 per day (up to a maximum of £500 per person).

And if the piste is closed due to a lack of snow, the Winter Sports Cover from Bell Travel Insurance will cover up to £40 per person for either the cost of transport to an alternative resort or as compensation if there are no alternatives available (up to a maximum of £400 per person depending on level of cover purchased). The same amount is also payable for alternative accommodation and travel expenses if the piste is closed due to an avalanche. Nothing can make up for lost skiing time, but receiving compensation to help pay to find alternative entertainment can certainly help.

The Winter Sports Cover from Bell Travel Insurance is an optional extra to the main policy so to either upgrade or get a quote call one of the team on  0343 658 0290.

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