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Floating in the middle of an azure blue ocean, with birds flying overhead, dolphins leaping in the water and the sun shining brightly – a cruise holiday can feel like a dream come true.

But in order to relax and make the most of it, it’s important to have the comfort of knowing you are insured if something goes wrong.

Set sail with Bell Travel Insurance Cruise Cover

That’s why Bell Travel Insurance offers Cruise Cover that comes with an exceptional commitment to customer service (although there are no promises about leaping dolphins…)

Most cruise liners come with every luxury but if something goes wrong and you have to be transported to the mainland from the middle of the ocean, it can be an expensive business. If you don’t have travel insurance, having to pay for your own medical treatment and transfers could completely blow your holiday budget  - and even your whole bank account.

If the worst happens, you don’t need the hassle of worrying about money – and that’s why Bell Travel Insurance Cruise Cover is one of the first things you should sort.

Bell Travel Insurance includes up to £10,000,000 of emergency medical costs, and that means transport back to the UK if needed. The Premier policy will also pay for up to £2,000 additional accommodation and travelling costs if you have an accident or illness and things don’t quite go to plan.

And of course, whilst it is easier to keep track of your suitcase on a ship than a plane, should your personal luggage get stolen or go missing, the Premier policy also pays up to £2,000 for replacement possessions.

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Please note: You will not be covered for holiday cancellation until your policy start date. Choose today’s date if you want cover as soon as possible.